5-Star vs. 4-Star Hotels & Service

To make the most informed decision about which level of service you will choose with Treasures of Egypt Tours, you must understand the difference between the Egyptian meaning of “five stars” and “four stars.”

An Egyptian 5-Star hotel will have ALL of the following amenities: a business center with internet, a bank, small shops (souvenirs, jewelry, books, etc.), at least one restaurant (and usually more), a swimming pool, a fitness center, laundry service, and room service. The lobby will be grand and lush, possibly with fountains or other water features, plenty of live plants, and liveried staff to assist you. It will be very clean. Sleeping rooms are large, with cable TV, direct-dial phones, plenty of closet space, A/C and heat, a large private bathroom/shower, and possibly other amenities like a safe, or a small refrigerator, or a small microwave. 5-Star hotels offer several restaurants and breakfast is always included.

If you normally stay in upper scale hotels, B&Bs, or boutique hotels (American 4 to 5 stars), we suggest you choose any of our 5-Star packages.

An Egyptian 4-Star hotel will have some of the same amenities, but is likely to be a bit older, in a less fashionable part of town, or be further away from shopping, sights, and restaurants. Sleeping rooms will be smaller, but will still have cable TV, direct-dial phones, ample closet space, A/C and heat, and a private bathroom/shower. 4-Star hotels are safe and clean, but overall they offer less. 4-Star hotels offer a restaurant and breakfast is always included.

If you would normally stay in a motor court or chain motel (American 2 to 3 stars), or if price is the most important consideration, we suggest you choose any of our 4-Star packages.

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