What to Bring


  • valid passport and driver’s license or other government ID
  • cash (must be crisp, unmarked bills with no stains, nicks, or creases)
  • traveler’s checks
  • copy of your medical insurance card (call to check on coverage in foreign countries)
  • camera, film, extra batteries, charger
  • plug and voltage converter
  • sunscreen
  • small packages of tissue
  • umbrella or hat for sunshade
  • scarf (to cover your head when going inside a mosque)
  • comfortable walking shoes


  • journal and a nice pen
  • baby wipes or antibacterial wipes in small packages
  • business cards to give to new friends in Egypt
  • a paperback novel to read and leave in the hotel or on the cruise ship
  • $1 bills and individually wrapped candies to give out as “souvenirs” — the children in Egypt especially love this
  • postcards from your home city or state (we found these very helpful!)
  • if you plan to send postcards from Egypt, make peel n’ stick address labels to take along
  • resealable plastic bags in several sizes
  • clothesline, clothes pins, and a small bottle of detergent
  • small alarm clock
  • cell phone (check with your service provider for a reasonable plan that will allow you to call and/or text message within Egypt)
  • credit card (Visa or Mastercard most widely accepted) — accepted in major cities in restaurants, large department stores, and “modern” shopping areas; call your credit card company to alert them you’ll be using your card in Egypt

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