Custom Tours

We have already designed a whole bunch of beautiful tours, but perhaps you don’t see the exact tour you want. We invite you to tell us just what you’re looking for so we can create a Custom Tour just for you!

Take a look at the list of famous places in Egypt to get ideas, or the optional excursions page to see what is possible.

Image courtesy of Canva

  • How long would you like to be in Egypt? (usually 7-14 days)
  • Do you want to pack in dozens of sites and move hotels every night? Or do you prefer a more laid-back and relaxing trip?
  • Are you interested mainly in museums? Architecture? History? Food? Shopping?
  • Would you like to take a Nile cruise? (There are 3 or 4 day cruises, and they start on Wednesdays and Saturdays.)
  • Are you a camping-in-a-tent kind of person, or a 5 star hotel person?
  • What’s your #1 thing you want to see or do while in Egypt? (HINT: the Pyramids and Sphinx are included in EVERY trip, so dig a little deeper!)

Then call us at (769) 232-1775 (time zone = Central US) or use the contact form to send us an email. We’ll get back to you right away to discuss your specific trip.