Signature Tours

We know this is probably your first trip to Egypt, and that you just want to “see it all.” Choose one of our exciting Signature Tours highlighting Egypt’s most popular attractions and cities — always by private A/C minibus or other first class travel. These tourist-approved packages combine many of our own favorite sights and experiences into hassle-free vacations of exceptional value. No matter what you’re interested in, we have a tour for it:

  • Shopping malls, bazaars, and local markets? Check.
  • Camping under a canopy of a million desert stars? We’ve got that!
  • Museums, pyramids, mummies and ancient history? Yep.
  • Delicious food everywhere you look? Uh huh, and by the way, bon appetit!

Itineraries shown on this website are samples, and may differ from your actual itinerary at the time of travel, but don’t worry… it will be amazing!

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** available only as a 5-star Deluxe tour

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