Travel and Health Alerts


Egypt is a generally safe country filled with kind people who genuinely welcome foreign visitors. It is prudent, however, for travelers to remain informed and to be aware of their surroundings, especially in light of religious and political unrest. The following external sites may be of help.


It’s always a good idea to purchase travel insurance (also called “trip insurance”) to ensure you have a great trip. Based on the type of insurance and your plan, travel insurance might reimburse you for the cost of a hotel and meals if your flight is unexpectedly cancelled, or if bad weather forces big changes to your itinerary. Get lots more information on insurance. (NOTE: we have no arrangements with AARDY – it’s just a helpful website.)

The U.K.’s Direct Travel Insurance site offers similar information and may be another source for travel insurance

This article may also help: “Travel Insurance vs. Medical Insurance: Which Do I Need?”


Whether you have current health conditions or not, it is wise to think about medical insurance when traveling. Ask your health insurance provider whether your coverage extends overseas. If not, you can buy a temporary policy for the time you are abroad. There are many companies available, including IM Global, that offer travel medical insurance.


No vaccinations or special shots are required for travel to Egypt. Persons with serious health problems should obtain permission from a qualified physician before traveling.