Common Arabic Phrases

hello Salaam (or Asalaam wa Alaykum)
yes Aiwa (or na’an)
no Laa
Good morning. Sabah al kayir.
Good evening. Masah al kayir.
How are you? Keef haluk?
Praise be to Allah (idiomatic for “I am fine”)

Al hamdu lillah

I am fine, thanks Ana bikhayr, shokran
Let’s go! Ya-la
Dear one/beloved/friends Habibi
today il-yoom
tomorrow bookra
thank you Shokran (or Shokrun)
you’re welcome Ahf-wahn
What’s your name? Aysh ismuk?
My name is <John> Ismee <John>
Do you speak <English>? Titakellem <ingleezi>?
I don’t speak Arabic. Ana laa atakellem al arabi.
Where are you from? Inta min weyn?
I am from <America>. Ana min <Umreeka>.
Goodbye Maa-salaamah

Also check out these Arabic languge websites. When you’re done, use your browser’s back button to return to Treasures of Egypt Tours.

  • To hear common words pronounced by native speakers, visit Arabic 2000
  • Omniglot also offers small audio files online and a short list of useful words and their phonetic pronounciations (including the very helpful phrase “My hovercraft is full of eels”)
  • An excellent site which includes the Arabic alphabet: Linguanaut
  • Another site for quick Arabic phrases (includes MP3 download):  BBC
  • Simple courtesy phrases and words:  Dummies
  • Many online companies, including Rosetta Stone and Transparent Language, offer audio CDs to listen and learn Arabic
  • Or consider purchasing books and resources about the Arabic language




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