Memory Lane: Journals and Diaries

This article is the second installment of a multi-part series to help you get ready for, enjoy, and remember your amazing trip to Egypt.

Many famous people in history have kept a daily journal.  US President George Washington, author Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland), Leonardo da Vinci, author Virginia Wolff, and heroine Anne Frank all took the time to write down their thoughts each day.  Without these glimpses into their lives, their histories, triumphs, and human tragedies would not be part of the human condition.

Experts claim multiple benefits to writing, too.  Writing daily for 10-15 minutes can increase your discipline, reduce stress, provide an outlet for your thoughts and feelings (one source says journaling is the poor-man’s psychiatrist), and make you a better writer.

Perhaps the most important reason to keep a journal or a diary, even if it’s just while on vacation, is that it can help keep alive the memories of your trip. If you intend to make a scrapbook, a photo album, or a web gallery of your photos, having the thoughts, feelings, and places anchored firmly to the page can make your job much easier.  You can also share your travel diary (or excerpts from it!) with friends and family when they ask, “So how was your trip?”

How to you remember your trips?  Share your ideas, tips, and tricks with our readers!